Yusof Ghani’s Sketch On Paper


PABLO Picasso once said “painting is just another way of keeping a diary”.

For Johor-born Yusof Ghani, 61, his latest solo exhibition featuring his Taman series reflects his body of work at a point in his life where he spent a lot of time overseas.

“It was fascinating during winter,” he said.

He works on various themes that comments on social and environment issues in his art over 30 years as an artist.

In his Tari, Topeng, Wayang, Segerak, Biring and Wajah series, he worked on a platform to explore and voice out his concerns on human behaviour where as in Hijau and Ombak, he focused more on issues pertaining to nature and environment.

Taman, however, sees his attempt to deviate from his previous themes and instead, to utilise his senses and observation on his experience.

The visual landscape becomes the subject matter as opposed to the social commentary (as in Hijau and Ombak). Taman also reflects his strong belief that artists need to travel and explore to enhance their senses and application on arts. Yusof’s Taman series is his first solo exhibition in Malaysia in three years.


Pahlawan Aku Aries’s Artwork


Title – Maharajalela
Size – 80cm X 80cm
Medium – Mix Media On Canvas


Title – Chariot Of Apollo
Size – 22″ X 28″
Medium – Mix Media On Canvas


Title – The Last Piece
Size – 42″ X 66″
Medium – Mix Media On Canvas

Title – Art Cerebral
Media – Mix Media On Paper
Size – 50cm X 67cm